Blinded In Chains(Need For Speed MW) – Virtual Drumming Cover

the Need For Speed Song ” Blinded In Chains” hope you like it… :D

Lou Mars (FULL Uncut) Post Guinness Marathon Drumming World Wide Broadcast Interview Jan 2010

Find more about this event at: Uncut and reloaded in HD, The Lou Mars interview with Team Members. Uncut original interview taped LIVE just two days after the Lou Mars Guinness World Record Marathon Drumming Event. Originally taped and streamed LIVE WW on January 21st, 2010. Portions of this interview were shown on NBC/CBS News. Lou Mars played for 108.5 hours, (5 days); 11.5 hours short of the standing 120 hours set by Russ Prager in March of 2009 but six hours more than Ali’s record in 2008 placing Lou’s attempt in the second over-all longest marathon drummer effort in the world (up to this event date). ie if this had been one year earlier, Lou would be holding the record for first place. It has been observed by spectators that Lou’s style and approach (aggressiveness) was clearly evident compared to his predecessors approach, as he stayed true to the music and did not play in an overly conservative fashion. Lou’s approach would have a tremendous affect on world-wide participation and viewer-ship as 47800+ world wide watched the live video stream. The statistical views dramatically present testimony that the Mars event was found to be intriguing, and an interesting performance for spectators to participate in, thereby resulting in higher viewer-ship abroad then any other drumming attempt of its type. Produced and filmed by Brian Peterson Pro Video