Learn Master Drums

Learn & Master Drums is by far the worlds most complete video instruction course for learning to play the drums. Designed to guide you from the very basics of setting up the drumset to expert playing techniques, Learn & Master Drums is the only instructional tool youll need — even if youre sitting down to the drumset for the very first time. www.learnandmaster.com/drums

4 thoughts on “Learn Master Drums

  1. This is a great course of study. I own it, and have found it to be a tremendous resource. It is well-worth the purchase, imo. You get out of study and practice what you put into them. Your time and dedication are the most significant variables. YouTube and the internet are a tremendous resource, but can be disjointed and errant. It is nice to have a single comprehensive source of systematic written/video guidance augmented by the instructor’s support on L&M’s community forums.

  2. @EnjoyLifeVideos

    Its been 7 months are you like a awesome drummer now? I wanna know if these master programs are good.

  3. This video gives a good overview of the course. However, the video editor made a mistake. He kept the background music TOO HIGH. It’s hard to hear what the drummer is saying! Please fix this.

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