MPC Virtual Drum Machine">Virtual Drum Machine

The Beat Thang Virtual Drum machine has been taking the internet by storm since  it came out in late 2009 and hip hop producers and rap producers around the world are buying and using this brand new hot drum machine by Beat Kangz Electronics.

The program in itself is a little pricey compared to some of your beginner beat making programs but for the cost compared to having to go out and buy a brand new MPC drum machine, it is very cost effective and makes some really nice beats and sounds with your PC.
The next hurdle that you will face is your knowledge of producing instrumentals and how many other music production programs you have worked with in the past.

If you want a really good beat making software program and your pockets are limited, Sonic Producer is a very affordable beat making program and you will be able to make some really good sounding rap beats with the program.

Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer

But the features and benefits of the program out weight the affordable price of only $149 and it is well worth the money when you combine all of the samples and sounds that come along with it.  You have to check it out first hand to really see the power of the drum machine and once you use it, you will probably make it your main computer drum machine for programming beats.

If you are experienced with beat making programs like Fruity Loops and Reason 3.0 and have been able to produce music with them, then you are well on your way to making some awesome beats with the Beat Thang Virtual Drum machine.

I advise every beat maker to take a look at their setup and see if this hardware would fit into their beat making arsenal and if so, it is well worth the expense to begin producing rap beats and r&B beats with this outstanding virtual drum machine.

If you are serious about producing music, then this virtual drum machine will be worth more than the money that you spend to acquire the virtual drum machine by Beat Thang.

There are many drum machines on the market from the Boss series of drum machines that use to be pretty popular back in the 90′s and was probably one of the first Hip Hop drum machine that was affordable to producers who were starting out in the beat game.

I remember when you had to have at least 3 thousand dollars to get a set up to start making rap beats and now you can get virtual drum machines for as little as free and on average about $100 for a beat making program.

The sampling power alone on the MPC drum machine is what gives it the unique sounds and samples and really put the knock in your beats if you are sampling sounds on your own.  I have used the MPC drum machine to create my own sample library and let me tell you that there is no other drum machine that can create the types of strong sounding samples that the MPC drum machine can bring to the table when you are creating and producing hip hop beats.

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