Earthbound Audio Iron Pig – BASS

Join me over at Facebook for an upcoming pedal giveaway: From Mark at Earthbound Audio comes the mighty Iron Pig. ON BASS. YES. This pedal takes the classic LM308 distortion sound, increases the low end and offers 9 different distortion flavors via a toggle and rotary switch. Rundown of the controls: TOGGLE SWITCH: Chooses the general type of gain. DIS – Distortion- hard edged classic sound OD – Overdrive – less intense distortion that works well with an already dirty amp. ROTARY SWITCH: Chooses what type of components cause the distortion sound. GE – Germanium diodes. Very compressed, warm, and fuzzy. SI – Silicon diodes. The standard sound. Smooth and compressed. LED – LEDs. Very crunchy and raw with a tighter low end and more midrange emphasis. LS – LED / Silicon diodes. A hybrid clipping combination that is very dynamic with great note definition. 308 – No diodes- distortion from the LM308 chip only. Very loud, raw and uncompressed. The Bass: MTD 435 American spalted maple on ash. The Amp: Mesa Boogie Carbine M9 into a RoadReady 4×10 cab. Speaker was mic’d with an AKG D112. There is no DI signal on this one. NO eq or audio controls were added. Enjoy m/

Mixcraft 5 Tutorials – Mixcraft 5 Windows Part 4: Latency and Audio Issues

How to configure your sound device and adjust latency settings in Mixcraft 5. Mixcraft 6 is now available, download a free 14 day trial of Mixcraft 6 here:

Download Beats Audio Software | Free Beat Making Software | Beats Audio Software Review

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