Does anybody know if it’s possible to import other electronic drum kits/ midi sounds into a Yamaha DTXpress1?

My band is using a Yamaha DTXpress 1 electronic drum brain (yeah…it’s old), to give sounds to our bass triggers. The preloaded drum kits on the brain sound to fake to use, no matter how much internal tweaking we try. I’ve got a few drum machines on my computer, such as Hydrogen, Beatcraft and Hammerhead, all at their latest. I was curious to know if We could import some of those drum kits or sounds into this DTXpress 1 module.

We don’t have an instruction manual to go by, but there is an “import” plug in the back. We’re not sure what it’s for; Whether it’s for a mixer, or to actually import new drum kits.

Any and all help is welcome!

DUB Turbo 2.0 Tutorial 4 – How To Import Your Own Sounds & Sample Kits – DUBTurbo 2.0

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Forget Expensive Drum Kits! Start Playing the Drums on a Cheap Practice Pad

Thinking about playing the drums? The best way to get started for less money is with a practice pad. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on a full drum set and accessories right off the bat. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Practice pads are soft, bouncy pads that you use to practice drumming patterns or rudiments. Advantages of practice pad’s is that they are extremely light weight, portable and best of all, quiet. This let’s you practice you technique anywhere and at any time of day. Including late at night.

Most practice pads are made out of a high density rubber, similar to some computer mouse pads. The pads are sometimes mounted on a base made of wood or plastic. This lets you use the pad right on your lap or on top of any table. Some are also double sided. The other side provides a different feel and less rebound, making it more of a challenge to play on.

You can even purchase a practice pad that is made from a real, tunable drum head. These are much larger and are more expensive than other models.

You can purchase practice pads in a variety of different sizes. You should try to purchase the largest one you can. This will let you move around a bit and give you slightly different sounds depending on if you play near the center of the pad or close to the edges. You’ll also be more comforable playing on a real drum kit if you are used to playing on a larger practice pad.

You can buy practice pads at any drum shop, music store or online. If you go to a local music store they will have demo pads that you can play and test out. This will let you find the one that feels the best to you.

Drum pads are normally used for practicing drum rudiments. Rudiments are a particular set of drumming patterns used in music. They are great for learning stick control and rhythm. Rudiment patterns can be found for free from many sources online. There are also free videos available that show you how to play each particular pattern.

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Electric Drum Kits for Pros or Amateurs

Electric drums are the preferred choice of many drummers. The last decades have seen great strides in their improvement. They can copy standard drum kits but aren’t as massive and difficult to carry. Electrical drum kits are light and simply cartable among venues.

If you are simply playing drums for fun, electric drum kits have their advantages. For one thing, you can use the headphone output which implies you can practice at any hour of the day for as long as you need and no one will hear but you.

For the home, electrical drum kits are excellent because they do not take up much room in comparison to a full set of Sonar Drums as an example. And since they are so light, they can be moved from room to room or moved out of the way for cleaning.

Don’t confuse electrical drum kits with electrical drum machines. Drum machines play back prerecorded beats and patterns. Drum kits let you play the drums yourself just as if you were playing a normal drum set.

You can spend a little or a lot on electrical drum kits depending on the features you want. For example, the Roland TD-20S Electronic Kit with enlargement board is on the higher end and costs many thousand bucks. It offers an a good degree of realism letting you express your talents and individualism.

Electric drum kits for beginners or those on tight budgets can be purchased for about a hundred dollars. The Simmons SD7K is one such example. It includes twenty preset kits and has room for thirty custom kits. It is kind of flexible for such a low cost. The more cost effective drums often come with a wide array of features that would make them suitable for all but the most experienced drummers.

You can somewhat control the price by limiting the add-on features. These kits should come with cymbals, a snare, toms and a hi-hat. You can add additional elements that may increase the cost. You can even purchase a basic set and add onto it later.

The electronic features you desire like number of presets will also have a bearing on price of electrical drum kits. There are many combinations available. There is a drum kit for each drummer irrespective of what level of expertise.

Electric drum kits might be the best choice for beginners because they’re so straightforward to use. There’s no reason to reject your child the experience of learning to play drums because you are afraid the noise will be upsetting.

Even if you live in an apartment or have roomies that demand peace and quiet, you can play your drums any time you would like thanks to the earphone option available with electrical drum kits.

When it comes to purchasing electric drum kits, it is recommended to stick with brands that have a huge presence in the drumming world who make products that are backed by experience and reputation. Some of these widely known corporations who make electric drum kits are Roland, Yamaha and Alesis.

Steven Slate Drums Signature Drum Kits EX Virtual Instrument

  • 10 drum kits including on Old Zep kit, including 5 hybrid kits with multiple layers of kicks and snare
  • Contains a RTAS, VST, AU, and standalone MIDI plug-in powered by KONTAKT Player3
  • Contains both maps for keyboard and a universal mapping for Roland VDrums
  • Can customize your own maps
  • Instant presets for all Roland VDrum Modules

Product Description
Steven Slate Drums EX contains 10 virtual drum kits including the famous Old Zep kit (an authentic Led Zeppelin model recorded in a stone castle) as well as 5 hybrid kits which use multiple layers of kicks and snare to achieve highly unique sounds.This complete EX software drum suite conquers all your digital drum needs with an RTAS, VST, AU, and standalone MIDI plug-in, instant presets for all Roland VDrum Modules, hundreds of easy-to-use MIDI grooves in SSD’s uniq… More >>

Steven Slate Drums Signature Drum Kits EX Virtual Instrument

NAMM Briefs: AmpliTube 3, The Bridge, drum kits, mixers, more

NAMM Briefs: AmpliTube 3, The Bridge, drum kits, mixers, more
Music vendors of all types as well as musicians and performers converged on the Anaheim Convention Center for the International Music Products Association’s four-day winter meet-up. Here’s a brief wrap of what’s been going on so far.

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How to Play Electronic Drums : Output Connections: Virtual Drum Kits

Use the output jacks and connections on an electronicdrum kit; learn how with tips from our expert drummer in this free drum electronic drum video music lesson. Expert: Steve Blank Contact: Bio: Steve Blank has been writing, recording, performing & teaching for over 30 years. He has performed in over 60 bands, & written & recorded the drum parts on over 200 songs. Filmmaker: Steve Blank