1998 Gene Simmons Axe Bass Guitar Autographed Review Scott Grove

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Buy DubTurbo Today – DubTurbo Review Beat Maker Software to Make Your Own Beats

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Dr. Boogie Bass Guitar Demo [Distortion Pedal Review]

This is a review of the Dr. Boogie pedal built by ebay user jack_butler to Gaussmarkov’s specs. I couldn’t find any examples of it on bass online so I thought I’d post my own. The Dr. Boogie purports to be a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier in a stompbox. While I can’t attest to how well it lives up to that claim, I can say that this is one of the most brutal, snarling, thrashing, crushing distortions I’ve ever heard. Recorded on a Tascam DR40′s internal mics (stereo xy pattern condensers) in front of an Ampeg SVT CL/Marshall VBC 412 stack. The signal path was just bass (ESP LTD B105) pedal amp, except at the end when I tried a couple other pedals fed into the Dr. Boogie. Stills were taken on a potato. Great sounding and looking pedal, and Jack’s great to do business with. Check out jack_butler’s store to get one of your own: myworld.ebay.com And check out my band to hear it in a mix: www.electricshepherdband.com

Lakland “Duck” Dunn Bass Review and Overview

This is a basic review and overview of the Lakland “Duck” Dunn bass. It is pronounced “lake-land.” I totally mispronounced the name in the video because it was mispronounced to me the first time I heard it. As so many “Christian praise band people” have told me I will go to HELL for this terrible error. Wow. Oh, well. Most of my friends will be there too and I prefer their company… It is the from the Skyline signature signature bass series made in Korea but designed in the USA. This video shows the parts of the bass and then I play a series of different grooves and feels so you can get an idea what the bass would sound like for your style of music.

DubTurbo Review – Virtual DJ Software/Music Mixing Software

You can get Dub Turbo here – bit.ly Ever wanted to make hip hop and dubstep beats like the top DJs in the world? Then check out Dub Turbo. Dub Turbo is a brand new music making software. With Dubstep turbo you will be able to make the same music that you hear on your favorite tracks and see at every concert.