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Sonic Producer – Beat Making Software – Make your own Professional Beats!!

Check it out here: If you love music and have a desire to create full-length beats of your own, Sonic Producer V2.0 is exactly what you’re looking for. Not only is it affordable and extremely easy to use, but the staff members at Sonic Producer are incredibly friendly and helpful. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started making music, but thanks to their instructional videos on the site I was on my way to making my own beats in no time. A year later I am still using this software and am truly amazed at how it has been consistently improved beyond expectations. Sonic Producer V2.0 is the best bang for your buck!

Won’t Stop, Just Go …for Green Forest : Bass/Guitar Cover feat. XeroRyder (Sonic Adventure 2)

Omg that editing was long :o I guess Xero wanted to do Green Forest for a friend, and since I do a bit of bass… ;) The Gameplay at the low right hand corner is a Gameplay of me, Ike6252, it’s not a speedrun obviously. :D Enjoy It’s my 10th Cover :D XeroRyder’s channel :

Live Looping – Live Beatmaking (Sonic Boombox Sessions Pt. 1)

AWBLZRD demonstrating live beatmaking & looping on a netbook running FL Studio. MIDI control via WIFI on the iPad running TouchOSC. Lightwork drumming, I know. I hope to make this a weekly thing, for two reasons. 1) To help me brainstorm new beats. 2) To help me step my finger drumming game up. **Shout out to Equalibrum for the inspiration and sharing his technique on live looping via FL Studio. I wanted to take it a step further and incorporate wireless midi control via iPad. I know I’m not the first one to ever use an iPad with FL Studio, but I believe I’m the first one to ever use it in this fashion. I created the custom 16 pad (MPC style) template using the TouchOSC application. For any questions, feel free to ask. Visit my website @ to find my contact info.

Sonic Producer 2.0 Review – Cons and Pros

Sonic Producer 2.0 Review Discount link: (50% OFF) SONIC PRODUCER REVIEW: Hello guys. It’s Peter from 8reviews again… In today’s video, I’m going to give you my honest review about the new “hyped up” DJ software called Sonic producer version 2.0 First of all, I bought Sonic Producer v.2.0 just 2 months ago. If I’m correct, the price back then was around $50. It should be cheaper for now on…The discount link is also available in my video description box, if it’s not, then feel free to PM me. So… Let’s begin with the sonic producer review: Here are the key things I’ve noticed: The product is very user friendly allowing you to start making beats right away. Furthermore, they provide world class video tutorials that helped me a lot. So when I got stuck, I have found almost every solution from the tutorials. At first I was afraid that the sounds and beats that came with the software were worthless and low-quality but after trying I understood that Sonic Producer’s team has done a pretty good job; I mean they were as good as sounds that were composed with 4-figure softwares or instruments. One thing that has disturbed me a bit is their customer support. They do provide quality customer help, but only via email. Unfortunately there is no phone or Skype contact available..,They answer quite quickly but it sometimes takes time if you have more than 1 question. Sonic producer review summary: For the conclusion I’d say that it is a good product, you can’t find any